A Symbol of feminine creation, womb, procreative powers of Mother Earth, feminism, and power.

Yoni Symbol
Yoni Symbol

This symbol is often associated with the Hindu Goddess Shakti. Shakti represents divine feminine creative power. She is the Great Divine Mother. This symbol, which is sometimes almond-shaped, square, round, or formed by using a person’s hands, is a representation of nature’s gateway to all births. It is sometimes shown with linga – its masculine counterpart.

The almond-shaped yoni symbol represents almonds, considered maternity charms in early times. The Greek god Attis was conceived of a virgin who ate a magic almond.

The Lajja Gauri is a symbol found in Devi-related temples. This symbol includes a yoni at the base of a female form, holding a lotus surrounded by a snake. This symbolizes the procreative powers of Mother Earth.

The Kamakhya Temple in South Asia has a natural rock yoni formation with a spring flowing over it. This temple is an important pilgrimage site for the Shaki religion.


In yoga, the yoni mudra sign symbolizes a quiet mind and inner peace. In modern times, this symbol is also used to represent feminism and powerful women and has been used as a greeting by feminists.

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