Symbolizes liberation and fertility

This is the symbol for the goddess Babalon. Other names include the Great Mother, Scarlet Woman, and Mother of Abominations. She is the goddess of Heka and the underworld. The points of the star represent the seven guiding principles of the underworld.  The two upper points of the star and one lower point signifies the figure of a woman.

The Babalon star has many different manifestations. Some have the letters Babalon written below the points of the star. Others have the grail associated with Babalon drawn in the center portion of the star. The grail holds the blood of the enlightened person who has passed the tests to find Babalon. Her followers gain total enlightenment as a guardian of the temple by being reborn from Babalon.

Today the symbol is used to represent the followers of Babalon.

Star of Babylon

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