Symbol of balance, and direction.

The Feng Shui Compass is a symbol of balance and direction. It is used in the art of Feng Shui to find the right sight.

Feng Shui has traditionally been used to find the right place to live or the right place to bury a body, among other things. The site is believed to be beneficial and to keep evil forces away. Feng Shui helps a person live with nature. The Feng Shui Compass is the tool that is used to find the correctly balanced site.

The Feng Shui compass is composed of concentric rings. There can be up to forty of these rings per compass. The rings are embedded with the Feng Shui formulas. There is also a heaven dial plate, which is wooden or metal. The heaven dial sits on a wooden base. The wooden base is the earth plate. The heaven dial moves freely on the earth plate. There is also a heaven center cross line, which is a red thread that crosses the heaven dial and earth plate. The heaven center crosses the earth plate, and heaven dials at a ninety-degree angle. This thread is used to note the positions of the rings and to find directions.
A Feng Shui compass contains four directions: the twelve Earthly Branches, which symbolize the twelve warriors that protect the earth, twenty-four solar terms; and ten Heavenly Stems,
There are three different types of Feng Shui compasses:
San Yuan – this is also called the Yi Pan because of the use of hexagrams that are incorporated into the design. This Feng  Shui compass consists of a ring for the sixty-four hexagrams, one twenty-four direction ring, which is called the Earth Plate Correct Needle, and more.
 San He – This was used by the Tang dynasty. This Feng Shui compass has three twenty-four-direction rings. Each ring relates to a different method and formula.
Zong He – This Feng Shui compass combines rings from the San Yuan and San He. It has both the 64 trigrams ring and the three twenty-four direction rings.
These are used to chart the flow and amount of water and wind, topographical features, and the life force that is concentrated underground. This helps to find a place that is harmonious with nature.
Using a Feng Shui compass can improve your luck in health and wealth. It can also help find a life partner, and it can remove evil spirits. Putting a Feng Shui compass under your pillow can help protect your house, promote calmness, and guard against evil spirits.
Today, many people use feng shui compasses to help find the perfect balance between nature and the environment in their offices and homes. It is believed to bring about a positive change in our environment and to create optimism and positive energy.
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